Street Harrassment by NYPD in Hollaback NYC

Message: Dear Mr. Kelly:

It is very unfortunate that I had to publish a story of NYPD misconduct just to bring attention to a behavior that has very little response from your department.  This is my second CCRB reporting an NYPD officer sexually harrassing me or physically intimidating me during my hours of work.  I am a victim’s advocate in Queens Criminal Court with Safe Horizon and both incidents happened while performing job related duties.  

I am submitting the link to the story I had to publish in Hollaback NYC.  

I’ve had such good experiences with Detectives, Domestic Violence Police Officers and PO’s who have helped my clients have a safer life away from violence.  It is always a shame when officers give a bad name to the force and do not work with integrity to their badge and uniform.  


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